Govt. S.M.S. Post Graduate College is sensitive towards women issues and therefore imparts gender sensitivity among students and faculties through various clubs and associations, which conduct gender-sensitization programs. There are Women Cell, Anti-ragging cell, Anti-Sexual Harassment cell etc. in the college for the safety and security of female students and faculty. Invited Lectures by Police Officers, Traffic police officers, Advocates, Legal aid council are conducted among students etc. Besides these associations and their programs, the college shows gender sensitivity in providing a safe and sound campus for both female students and women faculty members. CCTV Surveillance monitors college campus. There are cameras in the front of college gates, corridors, library, labs and also in few classrooms. This makes the campus completely safe.

The College has done a commendable performance in promoting athletic culture among female students. The Institution provides Hostel facility for girl's students and teachers ensuring safe, secure and homely environment equipped with all security measures like surveillance cameras and 24-hour security guard. services.

Apart from the above-mentioned facilities, the institution makes sure that the girl's students are given psychological and moral support by giving them counselling session led by a professional counsellor. The counsellor meets all the students on a regular basis and counsels the boys on gender equality. The girl students are encouraged to be confident and find a solution to their problems, which may also include gender-related issues. Counselling will provide skills that will enable the students to deal effectively with aspects of environment to ensure this institution conduct orientation programs for the freshers and the counselling sessions for the needy students through the staff.

The institution has established a common room to facilitate female students and women faculty members. The room is designed to give female students and staff a place to relax, study, and have informal discussions during their free time.

Sanitary pad vending machines are made available near to the ladies washroom, along with a provision of resting room for girls.

The college strives to maintain gender parity and gender consciousness, as the majority of the Students are girls. Moreover, the majority of them come from economically and socially impoverished backgrounds. Though it is an encouraging index that they are at the forefront of all significant programs of the college. we realize the importance of gender-sensitive orientation. It is always ensured that a girl representation in all the clubs and committees functioning in the college. Programs on legal options for women, domestic violence and personal health and hygiene are organized regular basis. Our college has a very active Women's Cell that conducts gender sensitization programs, workshops and seminars at regular intervals that see active participation from both the students and the faculty of the college. The college has always strived for the empowerment of women, but women can be empowered only when they are financially self-dependent. Keeping this in mind, a series of employment-oriented programs for female students have been started by the Vivekananda Career Guidance Cell of the college. First of all a program related to basic information of computer has been designed and its training was given to female students so that they can become digitally self-reliant.